Principles and intentions

SPA is about having fun, helping each others and improving skills.
Our focus in on Nadeo tracks in general and Bonus tracks in particular.

How to join SPA

  1. If you want to join us, you should agree with our above principles and intentions. If this is not what you're looking for in the game, then SPA is not the right clan for you.
  2. Drive with us on our servers before asking to join. We'd like to get to know you before you join our team.
  3. You should get along with the SPA members and just "fit in".
  4. You should of course drive on a certain skill level.
  5. No double accounts, SPA membership is exclusive.
  6. We want long term members. If you see SPA as an episode, consider turning somewhere else.
  7. When we receive a join request, we will always discuss this among the members and do a secret voting.