If you want to join SPA, read the SPA manifesto.

Name Ingame Function
RBYnGo SPΛ»RBYηGφ Leader
MAD SPΛ»D Leader
Aqutio SPΛ»Aqutio Driver
'zONeR SPΛ»'z0NeR Driver
jpms SPΛ»jpms Driver
DjVirus SPΛ»DjVirus Driver
dylep SPΛ»dylep Driver
nula SPΛ»nula Driver
olaff SPΛ»olaff Driver
Marco SPΛ»=>!M@rc0!<= Driver
Macho SPΛ»Mach๏ั Driver
Jocker SPΛ»Jocker Driver
kamikaze SPΛ»kamikaze Driver
dytBaat SPΛ»dytBaat Driver
Silence SPΛ»ѕіІєηсє Driver
Demon SPΛ»Ðemon Driver
Dutchy SPΛ»Dutchy Driver
kennykjc SPΛ»kennykjc Driver
Cyber-Shot SPΛ»Cyber-Shot Driver
007 SPΛ»007 inactive
Don Marek SPΛ»Don Marek inactive
Speedy SPΛ»Speedy inactive

Inactive refers to absence from the game as well as from SPA servers.


Clan members can expect server privileges, email account and access to our secure web space.